COVID-19 Blogging Days 1 & 2

Figured I might as well document this “social distancing” experiment on my professional blog. So far, this is a very anxious experience. I will write a separate post on my approach to remote learning for the remaining portion of the semester. But, for now, here is what we are reading and watching:


Finished Jackie Wang’s Carceral Capitalismthis is fantastic, albeit a bit all over the place, but extremely thought provoking. I especially appreciate the treatment of white supremacy as its own structured interlocking alongside capitalism and other axes of oppression/exploitation/expropriation

Started Golden Gulag 

Apropro the situation and thinking about biopower/necropolitics and “states of exception”, just picked up Agamben’s Homo Sacer 


Contagion (LOL/sob)- content warning; a little too on the nose right now

The Weather Underground (2003 Documentary)- this was fantastic and very eye opening to think about the work of this group in terms of solidarity, as well as some of the issues that led to their break up

Internet and Economisting

Check out two Twitter chats I did recently:

1.) The Jain Family Institute had a great chat on neoliberalism and other topics with #JFIChat on Twitter

2.) We at Center for Popular Economics demystified some of the Fed’s recent actions using #WTFed

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