COVID-19 Blogging Days 4 and 5


I set up my online remote learning plan for the remainder of the semester. Econ 197S Remote Learning Syllabus that is intended to still cover our content, but also be flexible given the situation. My students are sad and anxious, but also have many questions about processing the economy around them rupturing.


Realizing that my dissertation timeline has been interrupted, I am coming to terms with the idea that this is okay and now is not a time to get upset about that. I unfortunately also realize that despite my IRB paperwork going through, actually getting access to the restricted use data I ordered and being able to use it on campus is highly unlikely. That said, this is why we all plan our back up essays! It looks like my dissertation will now include an essay questioning school discipline from a political economy perspective in the context of racial carceral capitalism, as well as an essay looking at the impact of the Texas practice of “ticketing” students and subsequent roll back of this policy (did it in fact reduce incarceration? in-school arrests? discipline overall?).


I’m pretty overwhelmed with processing everything. Acutely, thinking about needing the following:

  • moratorium of rent and mortgage payments
  • student debt cancellation
  • medicare for all, nationalize all hospitals and healthcare
  • abolition of prisons and jails, not doing so is cruel and unusual
  • cash in people’s pockets yesterday
  • paid sick leave for all
  • more labor protections of all kinds
  • anything else to increase workers’ bargaining power
  • potentially grants to small (very small) local businesses
  • policies that do not retrench capitalist power dynamics, in general (this is where UBI is tricky)
  • while we’re out it, Green New Deal or Green Third Reconstruction, because without polluting humans milling about, the Earth is looking a lot happier these days

Long run, this moment of rupture is so unprecedented and we know that that means when we look back at human history: potential for equally unprecedented system and institutional change. Which we it goes is up to us,  but I think we are all realizing we are part of a global collective. Finally.


I am going to try out a Zoom virtual birthday party today ( a first for celebrating in general, nevermind during a pandemic). I have also been making sure to text each of my friends everyday (with no pressure to respond). I went for a nice long walk around town and campus yesterday. As long as it is safe, I will keep walking, long distance running, and biking each day, which I always do anyway. I will however deeply miss rock climbing. I hope to get into a routine enough where weekends and evenings can be “fun” reading, movies, games, and so on. Holding a lot of emotional space for everyone I know and don’t know and the world in general, so I am looking forward to trying  my first telehealth therapy appointment today.

Oh, and yesterday I baked some bread and made a tomato, farro, white bean, and spinach soup. Today I am going to bake a cake and maybe make some tofu, lentil, and spinach bao.

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