COVID-19 Blogging Days 6 and 7


Today I am setting up our first week on Moodle for remote learning. Not sure what to expect in terms of students’ capacities right now, but I am here for them.


I am having quite a hard time with this. I must say, the Twitterverse is feeling a bit toxic on the moment- some folks are having a surge in productivity. As an economist, this situation means our work is desperately needed so that we can actually deal with the crisis at hand (the economic one). But, as someone trying to finishing this PhD, I feel overwhelmed with so many thoughts about the state of things at the moment and it’s getting in the way of my concentration. I was looking forward to concentrating on my research following the job market too.


Again, overwhelming. So much to think about. What is the best way out of this? How much? Will is happen? How do we organize? How do we create new institutions coming out of this rupture while keeping our distance? What is the strategy? Will there be academia next year? Too many questions.

I am hoping to see Center for Popular Economics begin thinking about planning our virtual Summer Institute as well as perhaps a reader or zine about the crisis that demystifies the various policy approaches and analyzes the root of the problem (material life organized by a capitalist mode of product, for profit not people).


This seems like the priority right now. The past two days included some lovely Zoom chats that really were cathartic. Keeping a distance outside while running and biking still, but it is nice to see my neighbors keeping well. I am looking into seeing if my local community is organizing any mutual aid, I worry quite a bit about some of my older neighbors and folks less equip to deal with this situation.

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