COVID-19 Blogging: Days 8, 9, & 10

Back to work! Well, at least that’s the goal. Honestly, it has been so difficult to concentrate lately. But this week, our remote learning experiment starts up and I still need to  make some academic progress on this dissertation, so work it is.


Given all of the changes that the pandemic has brought on, it seemed clearer now more than ever that a key function schools serve is as sites of care. My dissertation however focuses on them as sites of carcerality. So, I am going to frame things as this contradiction: care or carcerality? This framing also overlaps with what we know about the larger carceral state, in that part of its function has been, to some extent, substituting incarceration for care.

Remote Learning

Week 1 is a go. I have no idea what to expect. I am maintaining concern for my students. Just thinking about the recent announcement that the Fed expects an unemployment rate approaching 30%, I can’t help but think many of my students may be dealing with job loss (either theirs or their family/group), alongside potentially being ill, and dealing with the general anxiety of everything right now. I am holding an open Office Hours Chat via Zoom later this week and hope to hear from some of them. They are also going to watch Capitalism Hits the Fan, and I’m curious to see their thoughts.


Trying to maintain some normal with walks, runs, bike rides, tennis, Zoom chats/parties, and cooking. I also need to build a new bookshelf and plan to rearrange my office. Being addicted to watching the news all evening means not much bandwidth for movies or tv or books really.

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