Accomplices, and white anti racist is an oxymoron

Some resources to share that I literally think about everyday and all of the time especially regarding my research

The white “anti-racist” is an oxymoron by Tamara Nopper

This is an open letter definitely intended for those very familiar with the subject, and we should all read it. Making a career out of other peoples’ struggles isn’t a good look, particularly if you’re making it all about yourself, not contributing to the movement, and not listening, or getting out of the way of liberation. When I think about this, I think about how the actual intention of my research (and things I do around it, live activism and amplifying), is to eliminate the need for the research altogether. Also, reading this brings up a whole thing I’d love for economists to start thinking and talking about which is positionality to our research because we have some BIG problems with that.

Accomplices, Not Allies

Classic and also I think a good reading to assign in a class or to share with people who are just plugging into things. Anyway, don’t center yourself or your guilt or any of that, center collective Black liberation and Indigenous liberation too.

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